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2020-2021 College of Law Academic Calendar

General Calendar DatesFALL 2020SPRING 2021SUMMER 2021
Class Schedule availableMon, Mar 2Mon, Oct 12Mon, Feb 1
Registration Dates BeginMon, Apr 13Thu, Nov 5Mon, Mar 22
Deadline to apply for graduationFri, Sep 4Fri, Jan 22Wed, May 26
JD OrientationMon-Fri, Aug 17-21N/AN/A
MLS OrientationSat, Aug 22N/AN/A
Tuition payment dueFri, Sep 4Fri, Jan 29Wed, May 26
Monday classes meetN/AN/AN/A
Campus Circuit Breaker-All Classes OnlineN/AMarch 1 to March 14N/A
Grades AvailableMon, Jan 4Thu, May 27Mon, Aug 30
JD and MLS commencementN/AFri, May 14N/A
Deadlines for Term Length Classes FALL 2020SPRING 2021SUMMER 2021
MLS classes beginFri, Aug 28Fri, Jan 8Fri, May 21
JD classes beginMon, Aug 24Tue, Jan 19Mon, May 17
Last day to add, drop, audit, waitlistMon, Aug 31Fri, Jan 29N/A
Last day to withdraw from classesFri, Oct 9Fri, Mar 5N/A
Last day to elect CR/NC optionTues, Nov 24Tue, Apr 20N/A
JD classes endTue, Nov 24Tue, Apr 20Wed, Aug 4
MLS classes endSat, Dec 5Sat, Apr 24Sat, Jul 31
Reading DaySat-Tue, Nov 28-Dec 1Wed-Sun, Apr 21-25N/A
Final exam periodWed-Fri, Dec 2-11Mon-Fri, Apr 26-May 7N/A
MLS Capstone RetreatN/AN/AFri-Sat, Aug 6-7
Labor Day holidayMon, Sep 7
Thanksgiving breakWed-Fri, Nov 25-27
Martin Luther King Jr. Day holidayMon, Jan 18
Presidents DayMon, Feb 15
Non-Instructional DayFri, Mar 5
Non-Instructional DayMon, Apr 5
Spring BreakCanceled
Memorial Day holidayMon, May 31
Independence Day holidayMon, Jul 5
Pioneer Day HolidayFri, Jul 23

2021-2022 College of Law Academic Calendar

General Calendar DatesFALL 2021SPRING 2022SUMMER 2022
Class Schedule availableMon, Mar 1Mon, Sep 27Mon, Feb 7
Registration Dates BeginMon, Apr 12Thu, Nov 4Mon, Mar 21
Open enrollmentMon, Jul 26Mon, Nov 29Mon, Apr 11
Graduation application deadlineSat, Sep 4Sat, Jan 29Thu, May 26
JD OrientationMon-Fri, Aug 16-20N/AN/A
MLS OrientationTBDN/AN/A
Tuition dueFri, Sep 3Fri, Jan 21Wed, May 25
Grades AvailableMon, Jan 10Thu, May 26Thu, Sep 1
JD and MLS commencementN/AFri, May 13N/A
Deadlines for Term Length Classes FALL 2021SPRING 2022SUMMER 2022
JD classes beginMon, Aug 23Mon, Jan 10Mon, May 16
MLS classes beginTBDTBDTBD
Last day to add, drop, audit, waitlistFri, Aug 27Fri, Jan 14N/A
Last day to withdrawTBDTBDTBD
CR/NC form is availableFri, Nov 26Mon, Apr 11N/A
Last day to elect CR/NC optionFri, Dec 3Mon, Apr 18N/A
JD classes endFri, Dec 3Mon, Apr 18Fri, Aug 12
MLS classes endTBDTBDTBD
Reading DaySat-Tue, Dec 4-7Tue-Sun, Apr 19-24N/A
Final exam periodWed-Tue, Dec 8-21Mon-Fri, Apr 25-May 6N/A
MLS Capstone RetreatN/AN/ATBD
Labor DayMon, Sep 6
Fall breakMon-Fri, Oct 11-15
Thanksgiving breakWed-Fri, Nov 24-26
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMon, Jan 17
Presidents’ DayMon, Feb 21
Spring BreakMon-Fri, Mar 7-11
Memorial DayMon, May 30
Independence DayMon, Jul 4
Pioneer DayMon, Jul 25