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Christina Jepson

“Human Resource professionals with a Master of Legal Studies degree will be much better prepared to help companies address complex employment issues.” — Christina Jepson, […]

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James E. Magleby

“My job as an attorney would be much easier if clients had a better understanding of the legal process when they came to me. The […]

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Todd M. Justesen

“Every career field is filled with legal implication. I plan to stay in higher education and use my new knowledge to hone my department’s policies, […]

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Leilani Marshall

“The MLS program offers professionals a comprehensive education to help better understand complex legal matters. Through the MLS program, students gain legal skills and knowledge […]

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Justin Neville

“This program has given me a broader understanding of the law and its application in myriad situations, improved my critical thinking skills and my ability […]

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