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Law school is different. From the Socratic method, to grading on a curve, to having your grade based on just a final exam, it is likely the hardest thing you have ever done. There are also tons of new terms, events, programs and opportunities being lobbed at you, with he unrealistic assumption that you know what all these things mean. On top of that, your trying to figure out when things happen so you have a pan for the semester, the year and all the way to graduation.

Below you will find high level roadmap to law school. It does not cover everything, and it is kind of focused on career related matters, but we hope it clears up some of the mystery, and that it gives you a framework to think about your three years in law school and beyond.

We have also created a Glossary of Law School Terms in case you run into one of those words or phrases that you have never heard before, or that you are not totally sure what they mean. These are not legal terms, like mens rea, because that is up to your faculty. This glossary is about terms like Law Review, and Judicial Clerkships, or acronyms like OCI and JAG. It is also important that you never hesitate to ask what something means when it is brought up in a presentation or elsewhere, the Glossary is just here to as another resource, not as a replacement for asking questions in real time.


1L Orientation Week

This is when the college of law gets you geared up for your first semester. It is about a lot of things, including helping you to be a better student, ethics and professionalism, keeping a school/life balance, and a whole lot more. CDO will probably say hi, but the big CDO Orientation will be in mid-September.


CDO Orientation Session

What’s a CDO and why do you want one? How do you register for and event, apply for a job, or sign up for OCI? What the job outlook? What about summer jobs and internships? Get answers to questions and get ready to launch your career search!


1L Cover Letter Session

Mid-October Lunch session on how to draft a cover letter.

1L Resume Session

Mid-October. Lunch session on how to draft a legal resume.


Job Applications Beyond Utah

Some employers may begin accepting application before the spring semester. This is particularly true for employers outside Utah. So if you are thinking about a job in a big city outside the state, make sure to start checking for posting on 12twenty and employer websites too.

1L Clerkship Session

What’s a judicial clerkship, why they matter, when to apply, what do you need? Get answers to these questions and more.


Prep for Spring On-Campus Interviews

Applications for the first week of Spring OCI are normally due by first week of January, so you need to get us a resume to approve, and prepare your cover letters, gather transcripts and references well ahead of the deadline.


Mock Spring On-Campus Interviews

One to two weeks before the start of Spring OCI we arrange for mock interviews with members of college’s Young Alumni Association. Legal interviews are different, so everyone should book at least one, and ideally three.


Spring On-Campus Interviews

These start about a week after classes begin and go on for three or four weeks. Bigger firms tend to come the first week, followed by public interest employers, smaller firms and others. (Remember, OCI get a lot of attention but they only result in about 20% of jobs, so apply for them but think bigger!)


Pro-Bono Program Session

Get copy form R Jepson


Judicial Extern Program Session

Get copy form J Morrison


Spring Semester Finals



You made it through your first year of law school! Now lets focus on a great summer. But remember, Fall OCI will kick off in August at least two weeks before classes start. That mean employers will be posted by mid-July, and applications for the first week of Fall OCI will be due by the end of July.


1L Fall
Semester-Long Programs and Opportunities

CDO Jumpstart Dinners

Jumpstarts are a chance for you and five of your classmates to have diner with a couple of alumni on the CDO’s tab! These are a great way to talk to people in practice in a relaxed setting, so sign up for at least one every year.

Career Fairs

There are various career fairs throughout the semester. They may be general or they can focus on particular kinds of employers, like public interest, big firm, small firm and more. Keep you eye out for announcements of the exact dates.

Meet with the CDO

Take a minute to set up a meeting with the CDO. We want to meet you, and the sooner we start the better!


There is no better time to start networking than today. Attend events, join a student group and run for office, volunteer to help with a program or event, and attend programs hosted by the CDO and other units of the college of law like the Stegner Center, LABS, and more.

Apply for Jobs Beyond OCI

1L jobs are limited, but they are out there. And most job are not found through OCI. Now is the time to think about what you want, and the how and where of making that into a reality. Check 12twenty for job postings, but also apply directly to agencies, public interest orgs, firms, and companies

Meet with the CDO

If we have not met, now is the time to break the ice. If we have, now is the time for a follow-up. So jump down to our contact info at the bottom of the page and book a time with us through Calendly!


You can also reach out to anyone on the CDO team by phone or email, or book a meeting through the Calendly Meeting Scheduler links below.

Arturo Thompson

Assistant Dean, Career Development Office

Jaclyn Howell

Associate Director, Career Development Office

Jim Holbrook

Director of Special Projects

Cynthia Lane

Administrative Assistant


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