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We are your counsel, here to advise you as you set your goals and priorities.  We believe success is about much more then simply landing a job.  It is about your dreams and ambitions, about building a set of skills that empower you to set a course for your career and personal life.  We are here to help you understand  and order the things that matter to you, whether a practice area, work-life balance, income, location, and be-yond.
It is never too soon to come see us, even if you aren’t sure what you want to ask.  What matters is that we start a conversation that will last over three years of law school and beyond, and at its core has one funda-mental question: What do you want?



Not only is this where we post all jobs and manage on-campus interview programs, it is the tool we use to communicate with you, to announce programs, to alert you to fellowships and competitions and much more.  It only takes a few minutes to sign up, so click HERE now!

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We believe individual counseling is critical to our ability to support you as you navigate your career options, and booking an appointment with any of us in CDO takes less than five minutes, so please click on the Calendly links by or names below and book a time to meet today.

  • Arturo Thompson -  30 min or 60 min meeting
  • Jaclyn Howell - 30 min or 60 min meeting
  • James Holbrook - 30 min or 60 min meeting


There are two documents you will need to almost every job application, and the ones you use for legal jobs are unique. You can see examples of how to create these documents and more by downloading a copy of the CDO 1L Handbook from the 12twenty Resource Library here.

Student organizations look good on a resume, are a great way to connect with fellow students who have a shared interest, and can be the perfect break from class and studying. Leadership roles are also a lot more valuable than the number of organizations you join, so be selective and then run for a leadership position or volunteer to chair a committee.

Every year a student looses a position or does not receive an offer because of their social media. Now is the time to clean it up. A good rule of thumb is that if would not make your grandmother proud, it should probably be deleted. We are not saying you need to hide who you are, just understand that the picture of that record keg stand will harm your reputation.

A law degree is the door to entering legal practice, but it also gives you skills in demand across a wide array of careers. There are almost certainly opportunities you have never heard of or been exposed to, so explore your options and be open to new ideas. It can feel a bit overwhelming, we know, so come and see us. We can help you get started, sort through options, and even suggest some now ones.

Reputation matters. In short order you will create the frame though which you are viewed, and it is had to move that frame. This is not about grades or rankings. This is about character in practice and in everyday life. For example, when you walk in the building do you hold the door open for the next person or do you carefully not look them in the eye and just keep going? If you do the former, and make the same kind of choices at every decision point, you are probably making the right choice when the consequences are more stark and impactfull. Plus, doing the right thing will probably make you and those around you kinder, happier and more successful.

My SJQ Story

Short Blurb on current student or recent grad about success at law school.  Focus on public interest and alternate careers. Indicate specific school programs, courses, faculty, clinics, pro bono other other opportunities. Include personal details like pet, hometown, hobby, background. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Idem iste, inquam, de voluptate quid sentit? Beatus autem esse in maximarum rerum timore nemo potest. Haec dicuntur inconstantissime. Cur post Tarentum ad Archytam?

WHY I.....

Learn about the careers our alumni pursued in their own words

Why I became a Public Defender
Why I became a Real Estate Attorney
Why I became a Government Attorney
Why I became a Prosecutor
Why I became In-House Counsel
Why I pursued a Judicial Clerkship
Why I became a Public Interest Attorney
Why I became a Medical Malpractice Attorney
Why I took a Post-JD Fellowship
Why I joined a
Big Firm
Why I joined a
Small Firm
Why I became an IP Attorney


You can also reach out to anyone on the CDO team by phone or email, or book a meeting through the Calendly Meeting Scheduler links below.

Arturo Thompson

Assistant Dean, Career Development Office

Jaclyn Howell

Associate Director, Career Development Office

Jim Holbrook

Director of Special Projects

Cynthia Lane

Administrative Assistant