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The S.J. Quinney College of Law thanks its generous donors who have made gifts to the college between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. To make a gift to the College of Law, visit our giving page or contact Lexie Kite, director of development, at

500,000 to $1,000,000

J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation

ESRR Impact Endowment Fund



$100,000 to $499,999

American Endowment Foundation

Burgundy and Mike Caldwell-Waller

Carl Davis and Gloria Davis+

Davis Charitable Remainder Unitrust

J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

The I. J. and Jeanné Wagner Foundation

The Wilburforce Foundation




$50,000 to $99,999

The Callon Family Trust



$25,000 to $49,999

Catherine Barner

Cecelia Espenoza and Michael Sheehan

Edwin Firmage+

Matthew Frazier

Jane Marquardt and Tami Marquardt

Ralph & Dorothy Mecham Support Foundation

Thomas A. Plein Foundation LTD

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund



$10,000 to $24,999

Anderson Hatch Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Richard and Suzanne Burbidge

Harold Burton Foundation

Community Foundation of Utah

Dentons, Durham, Jones and Pinegar

The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

Marriner S. Eccles Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Jeffrey Fillerup and Neeta Lind

Lynn and Patrick de Freitas

Janet Q. Lawson Foundation

Jessica Lowrey and Jeffrey Habib

Shelly Melich Ossana

Salt Lake County Bar Association

Thomas Scovel

Straube Foundation, Inc.

Herta and Lee Teitelbaum+

Stephanie Warner



$5,000 to $9,999

Michele Ballantyne and Arthur Berger

Daniel and Sheila Barnett

Carol Clawson and Stephen Hull

Michael Clyde and Sharona Wolff

Alexander and Charity Dahl

Mary and Delbert Draper, III

Susan Fleming

Richard Janis

JAX Foundation

Kanter Family Foundation

Catherine and Joshua Kanter

Robert and Linda Keiter

Susan+ and Bryant McOmber, Jr.

Nancy Melich and J. Alexander Hemphill

Herbert I. & Elsa B. Michael Foundation

Bonnie and Thomas Mitchell, II

Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program

Craig and Diana+ Peterson

Ronald and Jane Poulton

Robert Rice and Angela Rowland

Saline Lakes Program for the National Audubon Society

Marcelle Shoop

Strong & Hanni

Ann and Maxwell Sturgis

Utah Minority Bar Association

Workman Nydegger


$1,000 to $4,999

Antony Anghie

Cullen Archer

Vicki Baldwin

Bruce Bastian and Clinton Ford

The B.W. Bastian Foundation

Shima and Ryan Baughman

Allan and Mary Brinkerhoff

David Broadbent and Katherine Broadbent

Lowell and Sonja Brown

Steven and Rebecca Burt

Tyler and Rachel Buswell

Kevin and Julee Carrillo

Thomas Carron

The Castle Foundation

Central Utah Water Conservancy District

Charities Aid Foundation America

Richard and Gissa Clayton

Steven and Elaine Clyde

Colorado River Authority of Utah

Lew and Barbara Cramer

Cameron and Marilyn Cuch

Forrest Cuch and Shauna Lynne

Ronny and Lindsay Cutshall

Paul and Maren Durham

Edwards Law Office, PC

The Fanwood Foundation

Jim Finley

Ann Floor

Leslie and John Francis

Peggy+ and Joseph Fratto, Jr.

Keri Gardner and Daniel Colangelo

Robert and Mary Gilchrist

Paul Goodrich and Shannon Sperry

Kay and Thomas+ Greene, Jr.

Brent R. and Candace R. Grover

Richard and Deirdre Hagstrom

Robert and Karen Haws

David and Erika Hill

Jim and Meghan Holbrook

Robert+ and J. Celia Holt

James+ and Edie Housley

Bruce and Margaret Jenkins

Jewish Federation Of Cleveland

Daniel Johnson

Cary Jones and Kristin Hopfenbeck

Jones, Waldo, Holbrook, & McDonough, PC

Debra Keller

Kimberly Kernan

Kate and Michael Lahey

Brent and Carla Larsen

David and Helane Leta

Warren and Nadine Leishman

Kathryn Lindquist and James Moore

Robert Livsey

Patricia Louie

Edward and Judy Macner

Bob Marquardt

Maschoff Brennan

The Matheson Family Trust

Alan and Milicent Matheson

Adelaide Maudsley

Michael and Misty Mayfield

Michael and Cody Mazuran

Scott Monson and Brian Hogan

Patricia and Eugene Ninomiya

Denise and Rick Nydegger

Omaha Community Foundation

Rene Orosco

Clayton and Annabelle Parr+

Pax Natura Foundation

Lisa and B. Howard Pearson

Joseph and Brenda Pereles

Christopher and Tera Peterson

George and Cynthia Petrow

Wayne and Robyn Petty

Public Interest Law Organization

Mason and Kristina Rand

$1,000 to $4,999 continued

Bill and Judy Reagan

The Reagan Foundation

Barbara and Thomas Roberts

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

Cecilia and Ross Romero

Jonathan and Tina Ruga

Phillip Russell and Tara Wion

David and Bennie Sam

Scott and Ellen Sandberg

The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Rodney and Barbara Snow

Snow Christensen & Martineau Foundation

Snow Jensen & Reece

Natalie Streeter

Brian Tarbet

Engels Tejeda and Nicholas Hammond

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Utah Tribal Relief Foundation

Russell and Phyllis Vetter

Betsy Voter and Austin Davis

Blake and Tamara Wade

Charity and Rick Williams

The Williams Companies, Inc.

Ross and Katherine Workman



$500 to $999

Steven and Sue Ann Alder

Jeffrey and Shauna Appel

Kerri and Lee Benson

Ronald and Ellis Bigelow

Carolyn Cox and James Lohse

Brad and Jolie Coleman

Chad and Heather Derum

Joan Draper and James Powers+

Randy and Kathy Dryer

ExxonMobil Foundation

Taylor and Christina Florence

Daniel and Julie Garrison

Mark and Marti Gaylord

Dennis and Katherine Gladwell

David and Stephani Hall

John and Kathie Hansen

Laura and John Haug

Dixie and Robert Huefner

Christina Jepson and Erik Christiansen

Linda Jones and Francis Wikstrom

Jennifer Joslin

Natalie and Clay Keller

Young Ran Kim

Kirton McConkie

Joel and Mary Marker

John Mbaku

Tanya Melich and Noel Silverman

Cheryl Mori and Chris Warner

Eva Novak

Leonor Perretta

E.+ and Harriet Rasmussen

David and Patricia Redd

Robin and Judith Reese

Royce Richards

Robbi Richter

Leonard and Alene Russon

Clark and Shauna Sabey

Gary and Darlene Sackett+

Kelli Sager

Snell & Wilmer Law Offices

Lowry and Sheryl Snow

Laura and Colby Stetson

Ted and Lora L. Stewart

Sadé Turner

Linda and Paul Warner

Kathryn Wilhelm

Kelly and Jonathan Williams

Adina Zahradnikova



$300 to $499

Jensie Anderson and Robert Raysor

Michael and Julie Archer

James Carter and Jane Harrison

Robert Delahunty and Pamela Wirthlin

Kelley and Laurie Gale

David and Sheryl Hamilton

Glenn and Lauren Johnson

James and Anne Morgan

Ted Pintar

Pledgeling Foundation

Rebecca and Charles Ryon

Roger Segal

Richard Williamson



$100 to $299

Adobe Systems Inc

Craig Anderson and Denise Dragoo

Clark and Kay Arnold

Judith and Peter Atherton

Junior and Carylee Baker

Virginia and Christopher Beane

Penny and W. Sands Brooke, Jr.

Adam and Cyndi Buck

Brian and Leeaine Burnett

Kristin and Jason Burnham

Blaine and Marilyn Bushman-Carlton

Myrl Duncan

The Roger F. Cutler Trust

Hallie Pope

Elizabeth Adoyo

Tara Anderson

James and Gayle Arrowsmith

Yelena Ayrapetova and A. Matthew Caputo, Jr.

Narda Beas-Nordell and Layton Nordell

Barbara and Joseph Biafore, Jr.

Judith and Thomas Billings

Nanci and Michael Bockelie

Matty Branch

Dianna Cannon

Paul and Patricia Cassell

David Cervantes

Nedra Chandler

Augustus and Lisa Chin

Candice and Jascha Clark

Thomas and Susan Clawson

Debra Cloward

Jorge Contreras

Contreras Legal Strategy LLC

Bruce Cook

David and Karen Cook

Karen Curtin and William Wegesser

Roger and Karen Cutler

Rhea de Aenlle

Vikrant Deshmukh

Gregory and Joy Di Censo

Sharon Donovan

Rachel and Sean Dreilinger

Phillip and Debra Dyer

Ragan and Timothy Eaton

eBay Foundation

Lynelle and Marc Eckels

Howard B. Edelstein

Frances and Robert Eder, Sr.

Mark Epstein

Frederick and Megan Etheridge

Brett Evans

Deborah Feder and Aaron Fogelson

Joel and Sabra Ferre

Scott Finlinson

Kent and Kim Fletcher

Tammy Frisby

Ray and Karla Gammon

John M. and Jennifer Geiringer

Barbara Gentry

Brent and Susan Giauque

Robert+ and Rosanne Gordon

Trevor Gordon

Thomas Gourde

Kent Greene

The Handley Foundation, Inc.

Suzanne Hanna

$100 to $299 continued

Kenneth and Kate Handley

Richard and Sally Handley

Kimberley Hansen

Iris and James Hardy, Jr.

Tonia Hashimoto

Pablo Haspel and Chelsea Davis

Lowell Hawkes

Steven and Maridee Haycock

Marva Hicken

Susie and Mark Hindley

Gina Marie Holley

Robert and Stacy Hughes

Dale and Tamara Hulse

Paul and Sandra Iwasaki

Catherine James and Christopher Anderson

Katie James

Lon Jenkins and Richard Maxfield

Michael and Amy Johnson

Norman and Julia Johnson

Amy and Michael Kennedy

John and Colleen Kesler

Kirkland & Ellis Foundation

Lynda and Michael Krause

Amy Lawrence

Nancy and Howard Lemcke, Jr.

Hollis and Elizabeth Lewis

Tracie Lindeman

Peter Lindquist

Jenifer and Michael Lloyd

Benjamin Machlis and Kirstin Lindstrom

Jamie and Tom Love

Carl Malouf

Juliane and Stephen Matthews

William and Kay Maycock

Kelly Miles

Kathleen Mills

Michael and Elizabeth Mower

Kevin Murphy and Meredith Alden

Thomas Nelford

Michael and Mary Nicklos

Rea and Annette Nielsen

Richard and Jann Nixon

Dane Nolan and Susan Barnum

Ingolf and Margaret Noto

Janette Nystrom

Michael O'Hara and Mary Petersen

Larry Ogden

Bart and Ronda Page

George and Carrie Pappas

Kelly and Cindi L. Polychronis

Gregory and Susan Pratt

Margaret Plane and Hans Sanderson

Scott Pratt

Stephen and Lori Quinlivan

Laura Raffetto

Michael Reeves

Ronald Rencher

Aaron and Carolyn Reynolds

Kent and Brenda Roche

Anne and Allan Rooney

Thomas and Shirley Rossa

Linda and Stephen Roth

Zaven Sargsian

Helen Serassio

Sandra and Alan Sherwood

Steven and Jane Shurtz

Joanne Slotnik and Stephen Trimble

Burke and Jaime Staker

Shannon Stewart and Matthew Clark

Christopher and Lauren Stout

Arthur Swindle

Jeffrey Tachiki

Debora Threedy

Lane A. Thrugood

Stephen Trayner and Sandra Criddle

Tegan Troutner

Lena Vinitskaya

Lance Wald+ and Mary Wald

Stuart and Susan Waldrip

Brian Walton

Elizabeth and Connor Warner

Berta and Vernon Welch

Robert and Diane Westmeyer

Gary Weston

Paul White

Ray+ and Ann Wood

Marie-Claude Wrenn-Myers and Robert Myers

Claire and Eugene Zanolli



Up to $99


Adrianna Anderson

Geena Arata

Robert Atwood

Barbara and Barry Bank

Daniel and Kristy Black

Teneille Brown

Charles Campbell

Natasha Carlton

John and Samantha Cooper

Heather and Brandon Cornaby

Valeri Craigle

Ronald and Patricia Cundick

Kevin Cummins

Robert and Jo Ann Cummings+

Thomas and Lauren Curtin

Paula Dean

Jennifer Doner

Hannah Ector and Sam Blais

Karen Fuller

Sarah George and Richard Ford

Robert Goodman

Amanda Gray

Natalie Griswold

Gregory Gunn

John Tracy Gygi

Murry and Annie Hanshew

Anikka Hoidal

Layne Huff

Britt and Alexander Ide

Mona Jamison

Lester and Safia Keller

Hillary King

Cynthia Lane

Debbie Katz Levi

Daniel G. Lloyd

Carl Lujan

William and Mary Jane McGregor

Grant Miller and Karly Walton

Jacqueline and Jess Morrison

Susan and Kevin Motschiedler


Kristen Olsen and Marshall M. Thompson

Kylie Daniel Orme

Philip Packer

Philip+ and Caroline Palmer

Michelle Potter

Chakravarthy Reddy

Beau Ressa

Jacqueline Rosen

Caisa Royer

Wesley Sine

Clay Lynn Smith

Michael Smith

Samuel and Amanda Sutton

Dyana Thurgood and Cassie Sarfati

Mitchell and Emily Stephens

Evan Strassberg

Shane Stroud

Raymond Swenson

Joseph Taggart

Heather Thuet

Gary and Jayne Weight

Mary Wheeler

Chase Wilde

Gary and Elsa Wixom

Brandon Wood