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We are your strategic partner in the hiring process.  Like any law school career office, we host job fairs, post job postings, and arrange for on-campus interviews.  However, the CDO is here to assist beyond tradition-al career services offerings.  We can help you draft postings to attract the best talent possible, understand market trends, and sort through the applicant pool in a way that goes beyond simple measurements such as rank or GPA.  Our focus on individual student engagement allows us to actively identify and drive students to apply for positions, ensuring you receive the strongest possible pool of applicants.  We can help you develop strategies to attract and assess a wider pool of highly qualified applicants, increasing diversity and retention.  From big firms to solo practitioners, from urban to rural geographic locations, and throughout Utah and the nation, we are here to help you identify the best individual for your organization’s needs.  In short: We are here to be your partner.



What is a 12twenty account and why should I register?” you ask.  12twenty is the system we use to post student and alumni jobs, set up on-campus interviews, post announcements, and more.  It is also the system our students and graduates use to find and apply for jobs.  Registering is easy, takes just a few minutes, and it is the first step in the hiring process.  To register for an account, click HERE.  If you need help with registration or if the system seems a bit confusing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly and allow us to assist you with this process.

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On-campus interviews (OCI) traditionally take place twice a year.  Fall OCI commences just before classes begin in August of each year, and is exclusive to 2L and 3L students.  Spring OCI typically takes place about a week after spring classes start, and is largely focused on 1L recruiting, though employers can still recruit 2L and 3L students during this time.  Interviews can be conducted in-person at the school, or maybe held virtually.  If you are interested in participating in our on-campus interview program, please contact Jaclyn Howell at for more details.  If you would like to create an OCI posting, click HERE and you will be taken to 12twenty, the system we use to arrange and schedule our OCI programs.

 We use 12twenty to post job opportunities (and an array of other things like setting up on-campus interviews and posting announcements).  Click HERE to jump to the 12twenty registration page, where you can create an account and post a job now.  CDO will review the posting in short order and approve it so that eligible candidates can see it and apply immediately.  If you do not have a 12twenty account, click here to set one up (it only takes a few minutes).

We are always happy to assist you in drafting a job posting, but here are some great tips to consider:

1.    Details - Students look for details within job postings including pay, hours, location, and the kind of work they will be doing.  Remember that many candidates have had no exposure to legal work environments, so the more you can tell them about the opportunity, the more they can envision joining your organization, and the more likely they are to apply.
2.    Culture - Include a couple of sentences about your organization's culture.  Letting candidates know how you see yourself can go a long way toward helping a student choose between employers.
3.    Practice Areas - Specifically calling out your major practice areas, or those you are planning to grow, can be a huge asset.  Remember that students will likely have no idea that 90% of your practice is litigation, or that real estate is an area are looking to grow.  This kind of information will help them self-select, giving you are stronger and more focused applicant pool.
4.    Point of Contact - Identify a person as a point of contact so that applicants know who to address their cover letter to and where to send it.
5.    Short Deadlines Drive Applicants - We find that most students will apply just before the deadline.  For this reason, we encourage employers to set a deadline no more than two weeks out in most cases. If desired, CDO can reopen the posting as requested.
6.    Rolling Deadlines - If you are accepting applications on a rolling basis, make sure to emphasize that you are reviewing and making hiring decisions as applications come in and that a hire will be made as soon as the right person is identified.  This will help a busy student prioritize a timely application submission.

You can reach out to us by email or phone at the contact information listed below, and we look forward to hearing form you.  You can also block a time to meet with us using one of our Calendly links, which allows you to book a time with any one of us when we are free that is also convenient for you.

  • Arturo Thompson -  30 min or 60 min meeting
  • Jaclyn Howell  -  30 min or 60 min meeting
  • James Holbrook  -  30 min or 60 min meeting

Most students are comfortable with video platforms such as Zoom, WebX, or Bluejeans, so you are welcome to arrange to virtual interview with them on your preferred platform.  If you do not have a video conferencing platform, we can help to arrange for you to use one of our li-censes to host an interview.  Please let us know ahead of time, as we have a limited number of licenses available.  Also, if the interviewee is concerned about their access to reliable Internet or other issues, we can host them in the law school.  Please feel free to contact any one of us at the contact information listed below.

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Short Blurb on current student or recent grad about success at law school.  Focus on public interest and alternate careers. Indicate specific school programs, courses, faculty, clinics, pro bono other other opportunities. Include personal details like pet, hometown, hobby, background. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Idem iste, inquam, de voluptate quid sentit? Beatus autem esse in maximarum rerum timore nemo potest. Haec dicuntur inconstantissime. Cur post Tarentum ad Archytam?


You can also reach out to anyone on the CDO team by phone or email, or book a meeting through the Calendly Meeting Scheduler links below.

Arturo Thompson

Assistant Dean, Career Development Office

Jaclyn Howell

Associate Director, Career Development Office

Jim Holbrook

Director of Special Projects

Cynthia Lane

Administrative Assistant


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