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Dean’s Book Review ~ Sexual Violence on Campus


Dean's Book Review ~ Sexual Violence on Campus

DATE: Wednesday, April 27 2022
TIME: 8:00 am - 9:00 am MST
LOCATION: Virtual Event
COST: Free and open to the public
1 hour CLE (pending)

Please join Dean Elizabeth Kronk Warner for her monthly dean’s book review. The book to be reviewed will be, Sexual Violence on Campus: Power-Conscious Approaches to Awareness, Prevention, and Response (Great Debates in Higher Education) by Dr. Chris Linder.  Dr. Linder is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, Director of Graduate Studies-Department of Educational Leadership & Policy and the Director of the McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention at the University of Utah. This book was chosen because April is sexual assault awareness month.

Activists have been working to call attention to the problem of campus sexual violence for decades, and in recent years, policymakers, campus administrators, and researchers have begun to make serious efforts to address this issue. Despite this increase in attention, many campus leaders still struggle to effectively address campus sexual violence, often over-relying on policy to address sexual violence after it happens, rather than working to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Moreover, rates of sexual victimization on college campuses have not changed in 60 years, highlighting the need for a change in action, training, and behavior.

The root of sexual violence is power oppression, yet most policies and practices are based on identity- and power-neutral perspectives. Well-intended prevention efforts frequently focus on teaching potential victims how not to get raped, rather than teaching potential perpetrators not to rape. Further, most policies, practices, and research focus on only one type of victim of sexual violence: a white cisgender heterosexual college woman.

Strategies that fail to account for the ways sexual violence and power intersect cannot deliver effective solutions. Based on a wide-ranging review of research, combined with her 10 years of experience as an educator and coordinator of services for survivors of campus sexual violence, Dr. Chris Linder advances a power-conscious lens to challenge student activists, administrators, educators, and policy makers to develop more nuanced approaches to sexual violence awareness, response, and prevention on college campuses.

CONTENT WARNING: Our discussion of Sexual Violence on Campus: Power-Conscious Approaches to Awareness, Prevention, and Response will discuss how institutions understand and address sexual violence. This material can be hard to listen to, and we know survivors could be triggered. Please take care of yourselves and know that you are not alone. Find resources and support at



Chris Linder, PhD, Associate Professor, Higher Education, Director of Graduate Studies – Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, Director, McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention

Hilary White, University of Utah Police Department



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