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The Pause – A Tool for Bringing Clarity and Courage to Conflict

The Pause - A Tool for Bringing Clarity and Courage to Conflict

DATE: Wednesday, October 20 2021
TIME: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
LOCATION: Virtual Event
COST: $30
2 hours CLE (pending)

Conflict is natural, inevitable, and even necessary. We know that managing conflict well is essential, but even if we know what we should do, we don’t always do it well – if at all.  Let’s change that!

In this two-hour virtual workshop, Marina will teach The Pause, a powerful tool that prepares you to address conflict mindfully. The Pause gives you the space needed to regulate your emotions, understand your reactions, and reflect on your needs. The clarity that emerges from the Pause gives you confidence, courage, and conviction to say what you need to say.

This experiential and engaging workshop uses group instruction and private reflection. Participants will receive a downloadable digital conflict journal to use during the session and beyond. Come with a real problem, and we’ll help you leave with a real plan to address it by:

  • Pausing to Reflect
  • Preparing your message
  • Concluding with conviction

If you’re ready to be clear and courageous in conflict, register by no later than 12:00 p.m. on October 20, 2021.


Marina Piscolish, Ph.D. is the founder of MAPping Change, LLC, a full-service conflict, collaboration, and coaching consultancy. Her strength lies in helping leaders, teams and multistakeholder groups create shared visions, solve problems, strengthen culture, and manage complex conflict and change. Her work spans sectors from education to environment and diverse clients from single agencies or organizations to multi-phased, cross-cultural, cross-sector collaborations. Marina is passionate about culturally competent, customized support to enhance implementation of agreements and needed changes that result in lasting systemic and structural change