College of Law

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Through clinics, students gain valuable skills, knowledge, and mental habits that help prepare them for a successful practice, as well as deep insight into the strategic, ethical, and relational dimensions of the legal profession.

The College of Law offers a variety of exciting clinic opportunities.

Conflict Resolution Clinic

The Conflict Resolution Clinic provides conflict resolution services to the University of Utah campus and to the Salt Lake County community at large.

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Creative Advocacy Lab

The Creative Advocacy Lab explores modes of legal advocacy beyond traditional client representation, re-envisioning lawyers as community educators, problem-solvers, and storytellers. In collaboration with community partners, students will use creative tools—like design thinking, narrative, plain language writing, and visual communication—to make legal information accessible to those who need it.

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Advanced Creative Advocacy Lab

Students who have completed one semester of Creative Advocacy Lab may enroll as advanced students in subsequent semesters. This opportunity is reserved for Creative Advocacy Lab students whose learning and advocacy goals align with a community partner’s need to design legal informational resources.

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Environmental Justice Clinic

The Environmental Justice Clinic partners with low-income communities and communities of color to challenge the inequitable distribution of environmental burdens and benefits and ensure meaningful participation in environmental decision-making. Students enrolled in the clinic use a range of tools and an interdisciplinary approach to advance environmental justice.

Innovation for Justice (i4J)

Innovation for Justice (i4J) is the nation’s first and only cross-discipline, cross-institution, cross-jurisdiction legal innovation lab. i4J applies design- and systems-thinking methodologies to expose inequalities in the justice system and create new, replicable, and scalable strategies for legal empowerment. Working together as an interdisciplinary community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, and collaborators interested in access to justice, i4J’s action-based research engages lived experience experts and diverse stakeholders in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors to advance fair and equitable dispute resolution through systems-level change at both service and policy levels.

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Refugee Law Clinic

The Refugee Law Clinic offers students the opportunity to represent refugees and other immigrants who are seeking protection from persecution in their country of origin. The clinic partners with organizations serving the refugee and immigrant community in Utah. Students assist clients with accessing resettlement benefits (including work authorization), applications for asylum and other humanitarian forms of protection, and other legal projects and policy initiatives to advocate on behalf of the immigrant and refugee community in Utah.