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SJ Quinney offers a range of externship placements in a variety of practice areas, allowing students to develop lawyering skills while earning academic credit. During externships, students do legal work under the supervision of a licensed attorney outside the law school. They also set learning goals and engage in robust reflection under the guidance of a faculty member.

Externship Placements

Externship opportunities vary each semester, depending on placement needs and student interests. Students can apply for placements through the online job board, request to be matched at a placement, or locate their own externship placement with the approval of the Director of Externships.

In addition, the College of Law offers two special year-long externship opportunities:

  • Criminal Process Externship: This externship is open to third-year students interested in spending a full year working in a prosecutor’s or public defender’s office. Students must take the companion classroom course, Criminal Process, and need to qualify to appear in court under the student practice rule, Rule 14-807.
  • Entrepreneurial Law Externship: This year-long externship is open to second- or third-year students interested in learning about launching new ventures and commercializing technologies. Taken in conjunction with the Entrepreneurial Law course, it exposes students to legal work involving inventors, corporate representatives, and outside counsel.


There is a 14-credit cap on the number of externship credits a student can count toward graduation, via the Externship Credit course.

Students must successfully complete all required, first-year courses to be eligible for an externship.

Students are not allowed to be paid for an externship.

Students enrolled in an externship via the Externship Credit course are also required to take a companion classroom course:


Most students who are completing their first semester in an externship will enroll in Learning from Practice, a 2-credit, companion course designed to enhance and supplement the externship experience. This course engages students in critical thought and reflection about their career goals, professional priorities and values, and the legal profession.


Most students completing a second or subsequent externship will be enrolled in Advanced Learning from Practice, a 1-credit, companion course that builds on topics covered in Learning from Practice.


Students in a year-long Criminal Process Externship take this course, which examines the criminal justice system from various social-science perspectives; explores the role of attorneys in that system, and helps prepare students to handle criminal cases. 


Students in a year-long Entrepreneurial Law Externship take this companion course, which covers legal issues related to commercializing technologies and launching new ventures.

Externship take this companion course, which covers legal issues related to commercializing technologies and launching new ventures.


Externship opportunities for each semester will be posted on the online system 12Twenty. Students can also find placements directly through organization and agency websites, or by coordinating with the Director of Externships. Some externship placements may have separate application processes and deadlines that don’t align with the College of Law’s general application window.

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Contact Information

Jacqueline Morrison

Director of Externships
 (801) 587-0221

Jacqueline Morrison

Director of Externships
 (801) 587-0221

Emily Aplin

Academic Program Manager
 (801) 581-5237

Emily Aplin

Academic Program Manager
 (801) 581-5237