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Expand your career opportunities by increasing your understanding of the law

The University Master of Legal Studies program is designed for professionals who find that a working knowledge of the law and the legal system would aid them in their careers, but who do not need to obtain a JD or become a lawyer.
The MLS program offers a cutting-edge curriculum that immerses students in the law, helps them understand the intricacies of the U.S. legal system, and situates them for career advancement.

The MLS program is ideal for a wide range of careers and positions. MLS graduates hail from ___ different undergraduate backgrounds and many different industries, including, HR, compliance and risk management, court personnel, paralegals and other legal paraprofessionals, law enforcement, mediation, and conflict resolution, (angela, what would you add here?) to name just a few.

The MLS is a one-year (three-semester) program. It starts mid-August and ends mid-August the following year. Students take 10 credits, usually 4 courses, each semester. Our MLS program uses a cohort system, so students progress together throughout the year. We also offer two flexible formats - an in-person weekend format and a fully online format - so that students can complete the degree while maintaining full-time employment. We also have a new distance campus in St. George, Utah.

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