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Ep # 8 Paul Cassell

  Professor Paul Cassell: We’ve seen a reduction in proactive policing by law enforcement. And that’s had a, I think, a predictable consequence: homicide and […]

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Ep #7 Teneille Brown

Teneille Brown: We’re so motivated to diagnose people’s character as either good or bad, that if we can’t hear about the way they’ve acted in […]

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Ep #6 RonNell Andersen Jones

Professor RonNell Andersen Jones: Depictions of the role that the press plays as a watchdog or the way that it benefits our democracy, those are […]

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Ep #5 Matthew Tokson

  Mathew Tokson: We think this is a social norm, and therefore we’re going to set Fourth Amendment law based on that. And I think […]

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Ep #4 Jorge Contreras

  Jorge Contreras: At the current rate, estimates are that it’ll take four years for the whole world to be vaccinated, which is probably too […]

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Ep #3 Amos Guiora

Amos Guiora: The enabler is a person in a position of authority who has knowledge and makes the decision to protect the institution and ergo, […]

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Ep #2 Shima Baughman

Professor Shima Baradaran Baughman: What role are police serving in society right now? What are they doing? Are they solving crimes? Well, my paper shows […]

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Ep #1 Anna Carpenter

Professor Anna Carpenter: Uncovering what happened in the courtroom when people who are unrepresented attempt to navigate the civil justice system, you know, one way […]

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