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The EDR Program helps cultivate a culture of collaboration by providing individual and team coaching for environment and natural resource professionals. We believe that with awareness, skills, and resources, all people can work together to make conflict productive and to move through even the most complex challenges. Our coaching participants are people who are committed to applying their unique strengths to their most relevant quests. We support you as you navigate inevitable conflict dynamics and achieve more mastery with collaboration where it’s ripe to do so.


We use a developmental approach to help individuals and teams:

  • Cultivate both self-and situational awareness;
  • Practice being more intentional about choices, noticing how those choices unfold on the ground; and
  • Develop authentic, collaborative practices and ways of being

So much happens in conversations. Effective dialogue is one of the most powerful technologies we have for solving complex challenges. Our coach approach helps individuals and teams develop and practice skills to engage in effective conversations around questions such as:

  • What really is the challenge here?
  • What possibilities does this situation present?
  • What does this situation require us to pay attention to?
  • What choices are we making and how are those choices serving us – or not?
  • Where do we need to put our energy and focus?

How We Work with You: Tailored Approaches

We treat coaching as a partnership. Our coach partnering supports you as you build awareness of your strengths, practice leveraging those strengths as an individual and as part of a team, and learn how to make conflict productive in professional and personal settings. We set you and your team up to make tangible, practical commitments to your ongoing development. This enables you to chart your own paths forward.

Our coaching partnerships begin with a readiness check-in and then, depending on the needs, we tailor programs lasting 90 minutes to 2 weeks to one year or more. Typically, a 6 to 9-month commitment is recommended. We do most of the partnering work virtually via Zoom and by telephone.


“We develop ourselves in order to support others. And as we support others, our developmental edges are inevitably revealed, furthering our own growth. Our development is intertwined with the development of those around us.”

– Doug Silsbee, Founder of Presence-Based Coaching

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