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Danya Rumore, Director

Danya is a facilitator, collaborative process designer, and conflict resolution professional with expertise in the intersection of natural resource management and community planning. In addition to her role as EDR Program Director, Danya is a clinical associate professor in the College of City & Metropolitan Planning and a research professor in the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She is also the Founder and a Co-Director of the Gateway and Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) Initiative. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Policy and Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Danya really likes to shred the gnar on her mountain bike and skis, and she can also be found climbing rocks, floating rivers, running trails, and digging in her garden.

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Nedra Chandler, Associate Director

Nedra is a professional coach and facili-trainer. Her favorite work is serving as a bridge and connector between what people are willing and ready to do on their own, and what they can effectively commit to when they have the support of collaborative learning opportunities and tailored processes. Since 1990, Nedra has mediated or facilitated more than 300 complex environmental and public policy conflicts in the US. She holds an M.A. in Geography from the University of Washington. In her free time, Nedra enjoys biking, hiking, owl watching, and shopping for large landscaping rocks.

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Emily Gaines-Crockett, Program Manager

Emily oversees EDR program administration and leads EDR outreach and communication efforts. She enjoys the opportunity to connect with EDR program participants and support their continued engagement. Emily has over a decade of program management experience at the University of Utah, in addition to prior positions in wetland research, environmental education, and public outreach. Emily holds an M.S.T. in Environmental Science from the University of Utah. She enjoys camping and hiking with family and friends.


Angela Turnbow

Angela Turnbow, EDR Blog Coordinator

Angela oversees the EDR Blog as the coordinator and editor. She enjoys helping guest authors with the editorial process and learning about the world of collaboration, dialogue, and dispute resolution from the stories shared. Angela has supported the College of Law with her editorial and proofreading skills since 2008. She holds an M.A. in English from Utah State University where she also taught composition. Angela enjoys reading, music, and hiking in her free time.