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The S.J. Quinney College of Law offers nationally recognized programs in environmental and natural resource legal education at the JD and post-JD levels. Students at both levels are provided with the highest quality and most diverse education in the areas of environmental and natural resources law. Basic survey courses are taught in natural resources and environmental law. Advanced courses and seminars are offered in areas such as environmental practice, protected lands, water law, wildlife law, the environment and business, land use, regulated industries, energy and natural resources, Indian law, toxic torts, and international environmental law. Please see our Curriculum descriptions for further information.

Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law

For JD students, the S.J. Quinney College of Law offers a graduate certificate for those interested in focusing their studies on environmental and natural resources law. Conferred with the JD, the certificate allows students to demonstrate a specialized proficiency within the context of the regular JD program.

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The Master of Laws in Environmental and Resource Law (LLM)

The LLM program is a full-time one-year program providing advanced training in environmental and natural resources law. Over the years, students enrolled in the LLM program have hailed from various parts of the United States and diverse foreign countries such as Nepal, Peru, India, Croatia, Italy, and Ghana. Besides possessing excellent legal educational credentials, the students bring various professional experiences and backgrounds to their studies. Past LLM classes have included university professors, government officials, JAG (military) attorneys, entrepreneurs, practicing attorneys, and recent JD graduates.

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