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Our mission in ULaw Student Affairs is to humanize the law school experience. We seek to create an inclusive community that fosters a sense of wellness and belonging for law students through student-centered programs and services. We believe that wellness and belonging is the foundation of law student success.

Leilani Marshall

Asst. Dean of Student Affairs

Luana Nan, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist
ULaw Embedded Counsellor

Lynna Nguyen-King

ULaw Registrar



  • Academic Calendar
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Academic Planning & Advising
  • Joint Degrees
  • Registration
  • Exams Policies
  • Exam Schedules
  • Directed Research/Study
  • Faculty Research Video
  • Grading System
  • Academic Policy & Procedure
  • Academic Success Program
  • Percentile Reports
  • Forms
  • Apps
  • Student Handbook
  • Order an Official Transcript
  • Order an Unofficial Transcript
  • Awards
    • CALI Awards: The purpose of the CALI award is to recognize academic excellence in legal education. CALI recognizes students who receive the highest grade in a course. There are no restrictions on the number of courses or the number of students within a course. The only restriction is that all courses be law-related and taught within the law school.
    • Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA):  The Outstanding Achievement Award certificate is given in each graded course (other than seminars) with an enrollment of at least 12 students. The course professor selects the student whose work is deemed the most outstanding. In the event of a tie, the professor will attempt to select a single winner. If the selection process does not produce one winner, co-winners will be accepted (but no more than two)
    • Academic Awards: At the end of each academic year, the students in each class with the top GPA’s will be provided with the following awards: Dean’s Award (awarded to the student with the highest GPA in the class), Faculty Award (awarded to the second highest GPA in the class), College Award (awarded to the third highest GPA in the class), Barrister’s Award (awarded to the fourth highest GPA in the class) and the Quinney Award (awarded to the fifth highest GPA in the class).  In case of ties, students with the same GPA will receive the same awards.
    • William H. Leary Scholars: Leary scholars are students whose grades place them in the top 20 percent of their class. For first-year students, the Leary selection is made following the completion of first-year courses. For second- and third-year students, designations are made following each semester and are based solely on that semester’s grades. To be eligible for a given semester, a student must complete no fewer than 12 credit hours, 10 of which must be graded.




A sense of wellness and belonging matters at ULaw Student Affairs. The ULaw Diversity Statement can be found here (insert link) and we are deeply committed to providing resources and programming in this space:


  • Graduation Student Information
  • Commencement Ceremony Information
  • Graduation Awards
    • Graduation with Honors: Students may graduate with honors based on cumulative GPA at graduation as follows: Highest Honors (3.8 and above), High Honors (3.6 and above), and Honors (3.4 and above).

      o   Order of the Coif:  The Order of the Coif is a national society founded to encourage legal scholarship and advance the ethical standards of the profession. Each year, the faculty confers membership on students who place in the highest 10 percent of their graduating class. To be eligible, a student must receive graded credit for at least three-quarters of the total number of hours required for graduation. (Under the current requirement of 88 hours, a minimum of 66 graded hours satisfies requirements regardless of how many hours a student may have accumulated prior to graduation.)


  • Diplomas 
    • Law Diploma Timing: 6-8 weeks after grades are due.
    • Diploma Size (for framing): 12” x 17”.




ADA Accommodations at S.J. Quinney College of Law The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities. Importantly, this is a two-step process for law students:


CDA offers the capability to complete new student intake forms and update existing files online using the CDA Client Portal. If students have questions, they can contact CDA by phone (801) 581-5020 or they can use this online form.


Once you have been cleared by CDA with approved accommodations, every semester you must submit the College of Law ADA Form and return to every semester so that Student Affairs and the Registrar can make the specific arrangements for exams and other classroom accommodations.



For more information, the Center for Disability & Access website is linked here. There are many possible accommodations and adjustments that are available to students who are approved such as:

  • Reduced course load or leave of absence
  • Deadline extensions
  • Private or quiet room for exams
  • Class notes, an audio recording of class
  • Electronic or audio enlarged prints
  • Services for deaf or hard of hearing
  • Scribes/note-takers
  • Alternate exam formats
  • Assistive technology


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