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Student organizations in ULaw have many resources to assist them in obtaining organizational goals. The Office of Student Affairs is committed to helping student organizations explore funding options, marketing resources, and recruitment assistance.


Starting August 2022, all ULaw Student Organizations will need to be registered with Student Leadership & Involvement in order to receive funding from the College of Law.

If you want to start and/or register a new student organization, please follow the instructions below to get started. To make changes to an existing group, visit Campus Connect.

Registering a student org. allows your group to be searched for and seen by any potential members who want to join. It also allows you access to free funding, free tabling events, and reduced-cost advertising.  Here are just a few examples of the opportunities that come with registering your student group:

Reduced Rates

Use of the following areas for meetings and events at free or reduced rates:

Campus Events

Participation in campus-wide events, including PlazaFest, Crimson Nights, and Homecoming.  Also, the ability to promote events on both the campus-wide University of Utah Events Calendar and the Community Events Calendar.


Inclusion in the ASUU student group listing.

Marketing and Apparel

Create Utah t-shirts and more using this U of U approved apparel site.

Additional Resources

Consultation from ASUU Staff Members who can assist with organizational issues, conflict management, risk management, taxes, budget development, student group policy, and University policy.

Required Information to Begin the Registration Process:

You will need to have the following information in order to start your new student group:

In order to receive College of Law funding, the student organization must:

  • Have three Student Officers (at least two of those positions MUST be President and Treasurer)
  • Register on Campus Connect, and have a complete/up-to-date profile.
  • Attend Student Leadership & Involvement and The Office of Student Affairs leadership trainings.

Classification: You will need to know which type of group you are going to start. A student org. must have a minimum of three student officers, constitution, non-discrimination policy. The type of student groups that are created can be anything from social to academic.

Members: Your student group must have at least three members listed on its roster to become an active group. It is wise to add all of your current members to the group roster when registering. Please note, that by university policy your membership requirements cannot target or discriminate against a specific population.

Contact Information: You will want to make sure that all the contact information for the group is active and up-to-date so that potential members and other interested people can contact the group.

Descriptions, Purpose, and Membership Requirements: You will need to provide a brief description of your group so that when other people view your group’s profile they will be able to know everything they need about your group. You will also be asked to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the student group?
  2. What is the purpose of the group?
  3. Who is eligible for membership in your group?

Group Constitution: Every student group must have a Constitution. The constitution must state the name of the group, a description of the group, and who is eligible for membership. A constitution is a great way to provide structure for your group and to outline how your group will function. Along with the required information in the constitution, it is recommended that your group’s constitution state how leadership in the group will work as well as how that leadership will be determined. Click here to learn how to write a Constitution.

Bank Accounts: Student Organizations are prohibited from establishing bank accounts using the University of Utah’s name, seal, and/or taxpayer-identification numbers. (see Banking Policy 3-051)

Once you have all of the required information, visit the Campus Connect page to log in and get started.

  1. Go to Campus Connect
  2. Log in with your uNID and Password
  3. Once logged in, click "Organizations" on the tab.
  4. Then click on "Register an Organization
  5. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Register a New Organization.’ (blue button)
  6. When naming your group please keep the following in mind: Group Name: It is very important to pick an informative student group name that allows other students to understand what your group is. Student groups CANNOT use the University of Utah names or trademarks explicitly or implicitly without proper permission. The name, symbols, and logos of your group MAY contain “at the U of U”, “@ U of U”, “at the University of Utah”, “@ University of Utah”, and “@ Utah.” Supplemental logos displaying this information are available for download upon request. Please note that all logos must be approved prior to use.
  7. As part of the process, you will need to include at least 3 members, their uNIDs, and emails to your roster. You can add more members later once your group is activated by clicking the people tab and clicking the ‘Invite People’ link.
  8. You will also need to upload a group constitution.
  9. Once your group portal registration is approved, you can add more files or documents to your group portal.

Group Name: It is very important to pick an informative student group name that allows other students to understand what your group is.

Student groups CANNOT use the University of Utah names or trademarks explicitly or implicitly without proper permission. The name, symbols, and logos of your group MAY contain “at the U of U”, “@ U of U”, “at the University of Utah”, “@ University of Utah”, and “@ Utah.” Supplemental logos displaying this information are available for download upon request. Please note that all logos must be approved prior to use.

The name, symbols, and logos of your group CANNOT include the use of registered University trademarks, including:

THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH; UTAH; RUNNIN’ UTES; UTES; official block letter “U”; UU; U of U; Lady Utes; ASUU; Swoop; Block U with medical caduceus; Circle and feather; The Muss; The School Seal; The School Medallion.

For further information about trademarks and licensing policies click here.

What is the Initial Registration and the Annual Renewal Process?

  • Initial Registration: The initial process of registering a new student organization under ASUU.
  • Annual Renewal: The reoccurring or annual reactivation process of a student organization that will happen year to year from April to May for the next upcoming academic school year.

Both processes have similar requirements to be an active student organization, but the steps will look a little different. All student organizations that are not registered through ASUU at the University of Utah will go through the Initial Registration. Each year after Initial Registration, they will go through an Annual Renewal Process to update the student organization information, documentation, and officer information for the upcoming year. These steps will look a little different and will require authorization and changes in administrators of their student organization portal.

Why should I register or renew my student organization with ASUU?

  • Benefits within ASUU
    • All registered student organizations are eligible to apply for ASUU funding and to participate in Fall/Spring PlazaFest, which is a tabling fair for student organizations.
  • Leadership Building
    • Student organizations will have specific required officer training, as well as other available opportunities to build leadership skills.
  • Community Building
    • There are over 600+ ASUU student organizations at the University of Utah, so becoming a registered student organization immerses you into the broader university community.
    • Starting a student group allows you to work in a team with similar goals and values.

What happens after the deadline for Annual Renewal?

Student organizations that do not meet the Annual Renewal Process deadline do not mean they cannot renew after that date, it means you will not be given priority to be considered for upcoming opportunities that academic year until your form is approved. Depending on how far from the deadline you apply will determine what opportunities your student organization is eligible for or not.

What are the requirements for registration and Renewal?

The current requirements for registration and renewal of student organizations are the following:

  • Basic Student Organization Information
  • Position Information
  • Updated constitution for the upcoming year
  • Logo for approval (if applicable)
  • Advisor Information (if applicable)

Each year in an effort to maintain our student groups on campus, and to ensure that we know which groups are still functioning and active, we will begin deactivating student groups as per student group policy. ASUU Student Groups only remain active for one year after the initial registration.  After a student group has been active for a full year it will be automatically deactivated and no longer appear on the student group website. Click here to find more information.


Starting August 2022, all ULaw Student Organizations will need to be registered with Student Leadership & Involvement in order to receive funding from the College of Law.

ULaw Student Organizations have the opportunity to apply for supplemental funding from the College of Law.

Please note that ASUU has a separate funding process for active Registered Student Organization (RSO), therefore, College of Law funding is supplemental to ASUU’s.

Visit our financial resources page for more information, including:

      • An overview of the funding process.
      • Application to apply for funding.
      • Guidance on how to use ULaw funds.

ULaw Student Org. Financial Resources


ULaw Events Team is here to help you host your events within the ULaw building or virtually.

Questions? Contact Kristina Monty

Book an Event in ULaw

Events are activities that can have internal or external participants and will need assistance from the external relations team for publicity, invitations, food, room set-up, security, and janitorial support (if the event is not being held during normal building hours), or other logistical support.

Events serve many purposes for the College of Law, including education and discussion for students, faculty, legal scholars, and the community.  Events also enhance the reputation of the College and provide an opportunity to highlight programs and activities. For this reason, it is essential that we do our best to schedule in ways that avoid conflicts between events, especially when they have potentially overlapping audiences, and to make sure we can publicize and support every event properly.

To accomplish these goals, we have developed an events scheduling process. To do so, the external relations team has categorized events into four levels. As a part of this categorization, each registered student organization is allowed one premium public event during the academic year. While all events will receive the full attention of the external relations team, this categorization process assists in developing effective marketing strategies and time management.

  • You MUST contact Kristina Monty before setting a date to have a VIP at your event. Kristina can help you verify dates and other accommodations the VIP might need.
  • Please email Prof. RonNell Anderson Jones if you are going to invite a judge to your event. Please do this during planning so she can give notice to the Clerkship Committee. They will arrange to have a member of the committee there.
  •  VIPs events should require an RSVP and impress upon those who attend that once they RSVP they must attend (barring serious illness, etc.).
  1. To schedule an event, complete the online event request form available at Please complete this form as soon as possible. This should be completed prior to inviting speakers for the event.

This web link can also be found on the College of Law website under the “Events” drop-down menu.


Good information to know when submitting your request is the following:

    • Event Objectives – What is the purpose of the event?
    • Who will the audience be for the event – CoL Students, All CoL (faculty, staff, students), Campus, Public – Alums/General Public?
    • Funding source (if needed) – Even reserving a parking stall for your speaker has a cost associated with it.

Please note: No event will be scheduled and no room can be reserved until this step is taken.

2. Once the form has been received, the events team will review the request for any conflicts and will provide feedback. Conflicts can be as simple as space allotment, or a conflict of offering multiple events for the same audience.

3. Once the event has been approved, the event will be placed on the internal master calendar with the appropriate space being reserved. Please note:  Room availability is dependent on the class and event schedule.

    • Where there appears to be a direct scheduling conflict, or where an event may affect audience attendance for S.J. Quinney College of Law event, the events team will first attempt to identify alternative acceptable dates for the event. Your event will not be scheduled if there is a conflict.
    • If that is not possible, the conflict will be referred to the Development Director, who will attempt to resolve the conflict cooperatively with those principally responsible for the conflicting events (identified below).
    • If absolutely necessary, any remaining conflicts will be referred to the Dean.

Vendors and external groups may want to utilize space within the College of Law for an event.  If you are contacted by a vendor or external group, please refer them to the external event form (  These requests will go through the same process for approval.


College of Law's Marketing Team is here to assist you in promoting your student organization.

Questions? Contact

ULaw Marketing Services:

Please note that ULaw Marketing CANNOT make logos for student orgs.

  • Event Promotion
      • Digital Signage (Please submit flyers at least a week before the event.)
        • Monitor
          • Flyers should be 1080 x 920 px
      • Social Media (Must give them 2 weeks notice)
        • Before an event social media coverage
        • During an event social media coverage
      • Student Orgs. can request a social media takeover
  • Monthly Newsletter Email (Must send information by the 25th of every month)
      • Goes out to Alumni, SJQ members



Here are some resources to assist student organizations make their own marketing material:

  • The University of Utah is an Adobe campus, which means you have access to use their programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) for free! To download the suite, click here.
  • Quick and easy online sources: