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“LABS had a direct influence in my professional development and where I am today. Currently I work as an Attorney Advisor in the Office of General Counsel of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Office of General Counsel is the legal advisory office to the Department providing legal counsel and assistance with respect to all programs and activities. As a Federal Government Attorney, I provide legal counsel and advice on all aspects of federal housing and urban development laws, regulations, and policies. I also advise HUD on complex closings, including mixed financing transactions for residential development, nursing homes, and health care facilities.

I was a LABS fellow for two of my three years in S.J. Quinney. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of such a well-respected center. LABS afforded me an experience like no other in Law School and was a blessing both educationally and financially. From legal research, presentations, to weekly debates, I was exposed to the latest ethical and legal issues in diverse fields like medicine, genetics, and public health. Being surrounded by students from across the University, specialists in their own fields, pushed me to be better, to go beyond law and understand the intersectionality of the issues at hand. In addition, the financial support I received as a LABS fellow was crucial to my performance in school and my piece of mind.

LABS was not only helpful educationally and financially, but it also helped me secure the job I have now. My LABS advisor supported me in securing a Fellowship with the Office of General Counsel at the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), which in turn led me to pursue public service and get selected as a HUD Legal Honors Attorney. During most interviews I found that employers were more interested in speaking about LABS than any of my other law school experiences.

Overall, LABS instilled in me a sense of intellectual open-mindedness that I carry with me to this day in the complexity of my work. I owe a debt of gratitude to my LABS advisors, one which I look to pay back supporting the same stipends that supported me and helped me be where I am now.”

— Carlos Quijada